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Lost Girl FanFiction

a collection of all lost girl fanfic in one place

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Hello, and welcome to Lost Girl Fanfiction! This serves mainly as a centralized place where you can link to your Lost Girl Fanfics, whether you chose to link it to your tumblr, livejournal, fanfiction or AO3! This website is moderated by willowcabins and attachedtourhip.

1.Introduce yourself by making a post to the community. Tell us a little about yourself and your story. You can include links to outside pages with more information if you desire.

2. Always place your work behind a cut. Even if it is 100 words or less!

Tag your piece with 'author: your name' and 'pairing: the couple', and rating or type with all appropriate toppings and extras. Tags for the community are locked, so when introducing yourself, please state the name you wish to use and we will be happy to add it for you. Also, if you're writing a multi-chapter fic, or more than two authors are working on one fic, then you may also request a project tag.

4. Feel free to post pieces elsewhere and simply place a link in your community post. You may also, in your header, post links to additional materials located elsewhere. You may also cross-post your pieces to as many other places as you like. Whether you lock a piece to the community or leave it public is entirely at your discretion.

5. You may include more than one piece in the same post. Make a separate header and cut for each piece or put it all behind one cut, it's up to you - as long as the prompt information and ratings for all pieces are visible on the main page as stated above.

6. You may use MPAA (G/PG/PG13/R/NC-17), ESRB (Everyone/Teen/Mature) or any other system that is either relatively self explanitory or easily found on the web. If your piece includes explicit sex acts or extremely graphic violence, please use lj's adult content filter for that piece. The default setting in the community is "no adult content".

Should your post contain material that may be triggering, especially upsetting, or especially offensive (such as sexual assault, domestic or child abuse, or suicide), please include a warning in your header to alert readers before they read your post. You may put your warning in text that requires highlighting to view or declare that you choose not to warn, inviting readers to open at their own risk, should you find giving a warning likely to spoil your piece.

Trolling and abusive language will absolutely not be tolerated.